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Giving Your Workplace Canteen A Makeover

When your staff canteen for your business is starting to look tired and a bit gloomy, you will want to give it a makeover to ensure your workers have an excellent place to relax. Giving them a suitable space that they can use on their breaks while not working can help them recharge their batteries so they can focus on their jobs. Canteens can start to look dingy after a while, so you may want to spruce yours up to bring your canteen back to life. The good news is that it will not cost a lot of money, and it can help transform your workplace and make your employees more productive, so it is worth the investment.

Formulate A Plan

Before shopping for paint and whatever else you need to decorate your canteen, you must know what you are doing and when. Ideally, you will do the work when your business is closed, which may mean you have to do it over a weekend. You will also need to decide on how you will decorate the canteen, and the colour scheme you will use. You want to have lots of colours to make it a bright and happy place for your employees, which can help boost productivity in your workforce.

Getting Everything You Need

You will need to put together a shopping list of everything you need to decorate your work canteen. You will need paints, paintbrushes, rollers, paint trays, ladders, and dust sheets, and you will also need cleaning products such as a citrus degreasers to clean the canteen before you start decorating. You may also want to get some large stencils for the walls of your canteen that can help you create fantastic images that will look fantastic. Shop around to get excellent deals on what you need to buy for your canteen makeover, and you are almost ready to start painting.

Preparing To Paint Your Canteen

Before you break out the paintbrushes and start painting your canteen, you must prepare the area first. You will need to strip everything off the walls, fill any holes or gaps, and then sand them down, so the walls are clean and smooth. If you are painting using gloss, you will also want to ensure the surface is clean before painting, so you can use the cleaning products you bought to help you with this task. Take your time preparing the area you will paint, which will help you achieve a high-quality finish for your canteen and ensure it looks superb for your employees.

Painting Your Canteen

Once you have finished cleaning and preparing the area you will paint, you can get your paintbrush out and start painting the walls. You may be able to get some of your employees to come in and help, which will assist you in completing the task much quicker. Take your time doing the painting and ensure you spread the paint evenly on the walls, which will help you to get an excellent finish. Ensure you have different brush sizes to help you paint the smaller and trickier parts, as having the correct tools for the job makes it much easier. With effort and patience, you can transform your canteen and make it look amazing, creating the perfect space for your employees.

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