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Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Laundromat

With the tens of thousands of laundromats across the United States, it can get difficult trying to stand out from the competition. That’s where the proper laundry service marketing strategies come along.

Many businesses opt to hire agencies like Spynr to do the marketing tasks, what if you’re a small laundromat on a budget? Here are some effective ways to attract new customers to your business!

  1. Become Socially Active

Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are fantastic channels where you can grow your following and communicate with current or potential customers about upcoming events and promotions.

Fortunately, it’s totally free to create an account for your business! That said, if you want to grow your customer base even more, you’ll want to spend more time and budget on creating effective social media marketing strategies, particularly when it comes to content creation. That way, you can engage your followers, gain new ones, and turn your followers into potential customers!

  1. Use Digital Marketing

It’s important to make your local laundromat “findable” online. Besides putting your business out there on social media, you should also place it in online business directories like Yelp and Google My Business.

That way, when people in your area will search for “laundromat near me,” your business will pop up!

Digital marketing has many strategies to follow, including search engine optimization, Google or Facebook Ads, email marketing, and more!

  1. Upgrade Your Equipment

Upgrading your commercial laundry equipment and rolling in new services or amenities is another effective way to attract new customers and have previous ones return.

Today, customers want advanced technology and convenience, even when doing their laundry! If your laundromat provides both, along with excellent customer service, you’ll certainly win customers.

  1. Create a Website

Did you know that fewer than 64% of small businesses have a website? However, 70-80% of people would research businesses online before they avail their products or services!

That’s why you must create a website if you haven’t yet. A well-designed website allows you to showcase your laundromat in the best light possible. Moreover, it can contain more information compared to social media profiles, where you can display even more details about the laundromat. A good website with engaging, optimized content will help with your SEO efforts so your business is ranked higher on search engines, giving you even more visibility.

  1. Offer Rewards and Giveaways

Everyone loves discounts and free stuff! May they be in for form of raffle prizes, coupons, rewards, loyalty cards, or goodie bags, these promotional efforts help bring in new business.

Better yet, we recommend giving away branded items like shirts and pens to further increase your laundromat’s name recognition across the neighborhood and community.

You may also want to give back to the community, which can also increase brand awareness.

Wrapping It Up

Start following these marketing strategies and you can expect to grow your customer base in time!

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